UPS And Automation

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply is now necessity in Pakistan, due to electricity shortfall and breakdown. It’s hard to deny its significance. Having a UPS in home and office is the most reliable way to get rid of these issues. UPS has intelligent Control Circuits for total control & automatic operation. No Smoke and Noise Pollution unlike other Generators & completely safe as no hazardous Fuels are use.

  • Enjoy Sleep even during Power failure.
  • Children can study without interruption
  • No attendant required
  • Easy & safe to use. Anybody can operate the System easily
  • Increase in Business.
  • Increase in personal productivity
  • Enjoy with guests in Parties or at home.
  • Total control over situation
  • Increased safety


Reduce Production Cost

Decrease in Part Cycle Time.

Improved Quality and Reliability

Better Floor Space Utilization

Reduce Waste

Saves Local Jobs

Stay Competitive